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  The Nature Sport Center in Bad Griesbach
invites you to its high rope garden for a skill
and climbing tour. The rope course is located
in Bad Griesbach, in the Rottal southeast of
the oldest part of the city. It is within 10
minutes walking distance to the Kurzentrum.
At a provincial charming outside terrain of
approximately 3,500 square meters, are a
dozen training stations with 9 to 14 m high
climbing walls and free hanging rope bridges
in various degrees of difficulties.
  Courses in: Team improvement Time
and goal management Self-awareness
and awareness of others Problem solving
and oriented actions Supporting system
in teamwork.
  The high rope garden offers to businesses and teams, as well as to individuals the possibility
of learning oneself and the team in an entirely new way through extraordinary study fields.

The result: increase of key qualifications and work competence.

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